'It was all about Biden -- it was never about corruption': Lev Parnas tells MSNBC's Rachel Maddow
Jared Kushner, Lev Parnas and Ivanka Trump (Daily Beast)

President Donald Trump said that the reason he was so interested in former Vice President Joe Biden and his son was because of potential corruption in Ukraine. As Lev Parnas' documents show, that's far from the case.

Among the dirty-laundry bag of documents, was a letter from Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani to leaders in Ukraine trying to get a meeting. Giuliani explained that he was working with the express cooperation and authorization from the president, but in a personal capacity. Had Giuliani been working to fix corruption in Ukraine, he would have been doing it as an official task of the United States along with international partners. It was in that capacity that Giuliani told Ukraine they wouldn't get aid if they didn't fix their corruption problem.

According to Parnas, who was interviewed by MSNBC host Rachel Maddow Wednesday, the efforts were never about corruption.

"It was all about Joe Biden, Hunter Biden and also Rudy had a personal thing with the [Paul] Manafort stuff, the black ledger," Parnas said. "That was another thing they were looking into. But it was never about corruption. It was never -- it was strictly about Burisma which included Hunter Biden and Joe Biden."

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