Trump should be hauled before a federal judge over threat against Adam Schiff: Ex-deputy Labor Secretary
President Donald Trump

Appearing on MSNBC on Sunday afternoon, former Dep. Labor Secretary Chris Lu claimed Donald Trump should be hauled before a federal judge to explain his implied threat against Rep, Adam Schiff in light of the fact that the California Democrat is serving as a prosecutor in the impeachment trial against the president.

Speaking with host Alex Witt, Lu -- seemed furious at the president over his tweet that implied to many the president was encouraging violence against a member of the House.

"There should be no doubt at this point that this is a president who is capable of shaking down a foreign leader for his own personal gain," Lu told the host. "Apparently, the only people who are unable or unwilling to see this are the Senate Republicans. When this is pointed out, the threats against them are pointed out, they feign outrage."

"If this were a normal court case, Donald Trump would be dragged before a federal judge right now to explain why his threat against a prosecutor is not a felony," he continued. "We know the dangers of this. We have seen in October of 2018 how a deranged supporter sent out bombs to Clinton and Obama -- these are not just words."

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