Trump's White House tweets about the first snow of 2020 -- except it wasn't snowing
US President Donald Trump has made clear he does not want White House officials cooperating with the impeachment investigation underway in the US Congress (AFP Photo/Olivier Douliery)

President Donald Trump attacks the media and his political opponents for "fake news," but when it comes to the weather, the president doesn't have the best track record.

In a tweet from his White House Sunday, a photo of digitally imposed snow appears to fall over the White House.

As publisher and podcaster Liz Gumbinner pointed out, it's 53 degrees and mostly clear in Washington, D.C.

It isn't the first time Trump and his team have struggled to get weather forecast correct. When a hurricane was bearing down on the United States in 2019, Trump decided that the storm was headed toward Alabama, despite updated forecasts saying the storm had turned. Trump claimed that he was getting constant updates on the hurricane from his advisers, but if that was true, he would have known the storm turned.

The White House clamored together a briefing with a map where Trump had altered an official NOAA weather map with a sharpie to show the storm hitting Alabama.

[caption id="attachment_1540766" align="aligncenter" width="615"] Screenshot[/caption]

It became mockingly known as SharpieGate.

You can see other responses to the White House tweet below: