'America -- y'all gotta wake up': MSNBC panel cracks up laughing at Trump bizarre claims about the border wall
Former RNC chairman Michael Steele (Photo: Screen capture)

Last month, President Donald Trump's border wall collapsed due to weather problems. A new decision was made that in certain areas, Trump's wall must be a kind of "gate" that will remain open during months known for heavy flooding.

After weeks of ignoring the news, Trump finally found something to say about the catastrophe during a press conference where he rambled about different ways that people have tried to get drugs over the wall using a sling-shot.

When asked to respond, all former Republican Party chairman Michael Steele could do is laugh, causing the rest of the MSNBC panel to crack up as well.

"You know what that's from? That's a collection of whatever briefings he's decided to attend, and what you heard is what he picked up from the briefings," Steele said. "It's not connected to anything. Catapults? I mean, seriously? What? Do they roll them up and heave-ho? You just say this, and people say, 'Yeah, they're using catapults, and they can't see over.' America, y'all gotta wake up. I mean, this is what we're talking about here, and our immigration policy is based on this stream of consciousness connected to nothing."

He went on to say that there are many people who still eat up everything Trump says and believe it, whether it's happening or not. For example, Trump has only built three miles of his "wall" since taking office in 2016 and promising to build a massive border wall from coast to coast.

Watch Steele's comments below: