Trump busted by own officials for lying about forcing GM to make desperately-needed ventilators as people die

According to a report by USA Today, Donald Trump was not telling the truth when he told the American public that he was forcing General Motors to start manufacturing desperately needed ventilators to save the lives of Americans with severe COVID-19 symptoms.

The report notes that one week ago, the president stated that he would use the powers contained in the Defense Production Act to compel the automaker to start retooling and make the medical devices, however three sources within his own administration, speaking on the condition of anonymity said that "the government is still exploring its options and has not yet placed an order under the Defense Production Act for any of the machines."

According to one source the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) "continues to work within its authorities to coordinate with the private sector," when asked about the failure to begin production of the life-saving devices.

USA Today reports, "The revelation that the administration has not yet ordered ventilators under the Defense Production Act from GM comes as Trump Thursday announced a fresh request to Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar to use the act for several other companies, including General Electric, Hill-Rom Holdings, Medtronic, ResMed, Royal Philips, and Vyaire Medical."

Appearing CNN on Friday morning, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio revealed that city hospitals likely only have enough ventilators available to get health workers through Sunday. Later in the morning, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced he was signing an executive order allowing the New York National Guard to confiscate ventilators and other much-needed health supplies from facilities state-wide that are not being used.

You can read more from USA Today here.