Yamiche Alcindor reveals why Donald Trump has been ‘visibly angry the last two days’
Yamiche Alcindor (MSNBC)

PBS News Hour correspondent Yamiche Alcindor has received widespread praise for her questioning of President Donald Trump during his nearly daily Coronavirus Task Force briefings.

During his Tuesday briefing, Trump demanded "accountability" from the World Health Organization, while denying any responsibility for America having more COVID-19 fatalities than any other country in the world. During the briefing, Trump said the would defund the World Health Organization during the pandemic.

Trump then freaked out after being asked a question on his coronavirus testing failures and threatened to leave the briefing.

Following Tuesday's contentious briefing, Alcindor revealed what she believes is causing Trump's anger.

"President Trump has been visibly angry the last two days and he's been lashing out more than usual. Why is he so mad? Because this story from The NY Times laid out, point by point, what he did wrong," she explained.

She described the article as a "must read."