Trump administration secretly projecting COVID-19 deaths will double by June 1
Donald Trump and Anthony Fauci AFP

President Donald Trump spent Sunday night during the Fox News town hall saying, "it's all working out." He even changed the goalposts, saying that the 60,000 to 70,000 fatalities he estimated during an April 27 press conference will probably be closer to "100,000, or 90 or 95.”

But behind the scenes, Trump's administration is preparing for many more American fatalities in less than a month, the New York Times reported.

"Projections from an internal report show that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention forecasts about 200,000 new cases each day by the end of the month up from about 25,000 cases a day currently," cited the Times.

"The numbers underscore a sobering reality: While the United States has been hunkered down for the past seven weeks, not much has changed. And the reopening to the economy will make matters worse," said the Times.

The news comes amid states reopening their businesses, something that experts urged against. In March, the worst-case scenario was curbed by lock downs, but as states reopen, it "will put the nation right back where it was in mid-March, when cases were rising so rapidly in some parts of the country that patients were dying on gurneys in hospital hallways with cases rising so rapidly that the health care system is overloaded."

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