Trump supporters hurl insults at Fox's Neil Cavuto after fact-checking Trump on discredited drug cocktail

On Monday, after President Donald Trump publicly announced he has been taking the anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine as part of a discredited coronavirus treatment protocol, Fox News' Neil Cavuto warned his viewers that there was no medical basis for the use of the drug, and that it could cause life-threatening heart problems. He also brought on a doctor and medical professor who emphasized the health risk.

Cavuto's warning quickly exploded across social media, as enraged supporters of President Donald Trump hurled abuse at him. Some promoted a conspiracy theory that the medical establishment is trying to bury hydroxychloroquine because the drug remdesivir — which has been shown to benefit COVID-19 patients in clinical trials — is patented and therefore presumably more expensive.

While Trump's supporters were incensed, Cavuto also received praise from other corners of social media, with some suggesting his prompt warning to Fox News viewers may ultimately save lives.