Trump is trying to cut Jared Kushner out of the loop as he reaches out to campaign strategists: report
Image via Twitter.

On Monday, Business Insider reported that President Donald Trump is trying to marginalize son-in-law Jared Kushner's role in his re-election campaign, reaching out directly to swing state strategists who previously interacted with Kushner.

"Trump has increasingly been talking directly with the senior advisers with expertise in states critical if he's going to win a second term in November, including Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida and New Hampshire," reported Tom LoBianco. "Some Trump advisers described the situation as the latest example that Kushner's stock in the president's inner circle is falling significantly. Others counter that it's an example of a presidential management style that has stymied aides repeatedly but doesn't mean Kushner's power to persuade his father-in-law has diminished."

Kushner, who has also served in an advisory role at the White House, has reportedly been behind some controversial advice to the president, including an assurance that Democrats would support his decision to fire FBI Director James Comey.

This news comes as Trump grows increasingly frustrated with his campaign strategists. He is reportedly so angry at campaign manager Brad Parscale — who helped organize the Tulsa rally debacle and has generated negative press for the campaign with his lavish personal spending — that he is going out of his way to do the opposite of whatever Parscale suggests.

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