Trump's 'chaos' campaign is floundering and he has nowhere else to go: conservative
President Donald Trump. (AFP / MANDEL NGAN)

In her column for the Washington Post, 'Never-Trumper" conservative Jennifer Rubin said that Donald Trump's attempt to rile up voters with racist rhetoric and threats of "anarchists" destroying what the founders built is falling on deaf ears as his poll numbers continue to slide.

Worse yet for the president is that it is not sustainable and, with a cratering economy and pandemic tearing through the country on his watch, there is nothing left for his campaign to run on.

Citing the president's embrace of white nationalism and desire to protect Confederate statues -- at odds with public opinion -- is both "immoral and un-American," the columnist posed a series of questions for the president and his aides, asking how they hope to make it to November with an "unsustainable" campaign built on chaos. 

 "If left-wing mobs are attacking the country, why doesn’t/hasn’t Trump done something about it? He’s president after all," she wrote before adding, "Does Trump have a plan (beyond statues) to address this non-problem?"

Rubin goes on to note that Trump's portrait of the U.S. under attack by homegrown radicals is belied by videos of American's peacefully protesting across the country ("Since no significant violence is perceptible, how does he sustain the illusion that his followers are under siege?") before sarcastically stating, "Watching a crowd tear down a Confederate monument or two is not exactly bloodcurdling."

Added to that, she wrote, are issues that the public, according to polls, really care about: the increasing COVID-19 death toll and massive unemployment.

"Why should Americans care about statues when some 127,000 people are dead from covid-19 and unemployment is in double digits? His obsession seems especially bizarre given that the country is experiencing actual carnage thanks to his incompetent response," she wrote, before pointing out that no Republicans currently running for in November seem eager to appear with him and that it is only a matter of time before some of Trump's "donors and surrogates" cut ties with him under pressure over his racist rhetoric.

"The country is different. The electorate is different. And the rhetoric of subversion, violence and fear does not really work when you are the one in power and responsible for keeping Americans secure and safe. And on that score, voters are all too aware that Trump has not kept them safe from death, sickness or economic distress," she explained before concluding, "Trump’s bet that Americans are racist and oblivious is a poor one."

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