'Babbling and incoherent': Internet stunned by Kudlow's trainwreck appearance on CNN

While no one accused White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow of being drunk on the air this morning (well a few did), he definitely seemed unprepared to speak with "State of the Union" fill-in host Dana Bash, seemingly unable to get his talking points and numbers straight when asked about Donald Trump's plan to supplement unemployment payments.

Pressed multiple times about what the nation's unemployed can expect on a weekly basis, Kudlow stated $400, then in the next breath said $800 and then $1,200 without being able to explain where he was getting his numbers from.

Twitter users were just as baffled by the CNN host who finally gave up trying to bring clarity to the issue, with one Twitter commenter calling the economic adviser "incoherent."

You can see a sampling below: