Jerry Falwell Jr. submitted his resignation to Liberty University after being outed in sex scandal: sources
Jerry Falwell Jr. (left) and Donald Trump (right). Image via Falwell's Twitter.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Following publication of this story, Jerry Falwell, Jr. denied that he had resigned from Liberty University.

Three sources confirmed to analyst Jonathan Merritt that Jerry Falwell Jr. has submitted his resignation to Liberty University after being outed in a shocking sex scandal with a young man known as the couple's "pool boy."

"Three sources affiliated with the @LibertyU board of trustees and administration tell me that Jerry Falwell Jr has just submitted his resignation," he tweeted.

News of Falwell's sex life has spread throughout the day. Falwell was accused by the pool attendant and trainer of engaging in threesomes where he would watch other men have sex with his wife.

Falwell was already asked to step aside when he took photos aboard a yacht with a his wife's assistant while the two's pants were unzipped. He was also holding a glass of what he swore was "black water" and not alcohol, which is banned by Liberty. The university is also on the list of the worst universities for homosexual students.

"Liberty University has qualified for the Worst List because it has a long and well-documented history of anti-LGBTQ discrimination, including placing students in conversion therapydenying tuition discounts to same-sex and trans spouses of military personnel, despite offering those discounts to heterosexual and cisgender spouses; and a formal affiliation with the dangerously anti-LGBTQ Liberty Counsel," says Campus Pride.

After the story was posted about Falwell, "Liberty University alumni and former teaching faculty at the school called for his permanent ouster, citing a long list of offensive statements by Falwell, who has been one of President Trump's staunchest allies," reported