John Oliver walks through all of the evidence that is going to make it hard for Steve Bannon to get off without a pardon
John Oliver (Photo: HBO Promotion)

"Last Week Tonight" host John Oliver detailed the specifics that led to former White House strategist and Trump campaign manager Steve Bannon being indicted on fraud charges from his group We Build the Wall.

Bannon was arrested this week while hiding "at sea" aboard a snazzy yacht off the coast of Connecticut. Oliver walked through the ties to Fisher Sand and Gravel Co. and the hefty contracts they've scored to help build the wall as part of the We Build the Wall effort. As a top GOP donor and frequent Fox News guest, Tommy Fisher earned the no-bid contract, which is now under investigation by one of the inspector generals that hasn't been fired by Trump yet.

John Oliver showed clips of a man called "Foreman Mike" Furey talking about being a construction foreman on the We Build the Wall project. Not only is he not the foreman on the project, "just as We Build Construction Company is not a real construction company."

Trump has tried to pull away from the group, but there are loads of videos and tweets from the president and his son, Donald Trump Jr. It was only recently that Trump decided he didn't want anything to do with them, possibly after the Justice Department realized there was fraud involved.

"Fisher Sand and Gravel is a company with a checkered past, that partnered with a shady non-profit, whose founders are now under indictment for skimming money for their own uses, in order to have a foreman who's not the actual foreman, help build a wall that may either collapse or get pushed over," Oliver summed up. "And if you know anything about this administration, it would not surprise you to know that Fisher has now ended up with over $2 billion in border building contracts. They're one of the biggest contractors that the government has hired for this contract."

If Trump gets elected, Oliver said this is only going to get worse.

See the full video below: