'Republican Funeral Pyre': Rick Wilson says the RNC is a show of 'obedience and subservience' to Trump
Rick Wilson (MSNBC)

Former GOP strategist Rick Wilson writes in The Daily Beast that his one-time party's convention this year has become nothing more than a "Republican funeral pyre."

In his latest column, titled "Republican Funeral Pyre," Wilson outlines how the GOP convention has become nothing more than a giant salve for President Donald Trump's ego rather than a vehicle for a political party to advance its agenda.

"Finally, it was a not-so secret handoff, a transition to the new moment when the Party of Reagan and Lincoln finally degenerated into the Party of Trump, Tucker, and Hannity once and for all," he writes. "RIP, GOP. All hail the Trump Party."

Wilson then mocks other Republicans who are bowing before the Trump family in the hopes that it will one day pave their own way to the White House.

"I’ve written about this before, but the ironic futility of the Senate Ambition Caucus -- Josh Hawley, Tom Cotton, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and others all eager to win the White House -- is that Donald Trump Jr. is the future of the Trump Party," he writes. "No matter how low they bow, no matter how much they cover up for Donald Trump, in the end, they’ll never be made guys in the Trump Mob."

The bottom line, says Wilson, is that the RNC has turned into nothing more than a ritual of "obedience and subservience" to the president.

Read the whole column here.