Trump is a ‘kamikaze president’ leading the Republican Party to its own destruction: Conservative journalist
President Donald Trump speaking on the 4th of July (screengrab)

Veteran conservative journalist Tim Alberta has written a lengthy report for Politico detailing the state of the current Republican Party -- and he's concluded that the party has no ideas other than mindlessly supporting President Donald Trump.

In previewing this week's Republican National Convention, Alberta writes that most of the RNC will be devoted to venting culture war grievances, while very little time will be spent outlining plans to make life better for the American people.

"The party of rugged individualism will spend as much time whining as reveling," he writes. "Headliners will take turns bemoaning media bias, denouncing the obstructionist Democrats, cursing the unfair timing of the coronavirus, decrying their loss of culture, rebuking corporate America for kneeling at the altar of social justice and accusing the Deep State of stacking the deck against them."

Much of this, argues Alberta, can be traced to Trump's leadership, which has sustained itself by fighting non-stop battles against his political opponents, even when it comes at the expense of Americans' well being.

"Trump and his allies continue to wage symbolic battles whose principal casualties are ordinary people," he writes. "The same way a hothead coach stirs indiscipline in his players, the same way a renegade commander invites misconduct from his troops, a kamikaze president inspires his party to pursue martyrdom."

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