Ex-Trump staffer outlines how the president undermined his own task force's pandemic response
Olivia Troye in a new ad by Republican Political Alliance for Integrity and Reform (screengrab).

In a new interview with NBC News scheduled to air on Tuesday night, Mike Pence's former top Homeland Security aide Olivia Troye excoriated President Donald Trump and the administration for their failures to take the coronavirus pandemic seriously.

Trump, claimed Troye, is "undermining" his own public health experts, especially with events like the rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma where masks were not enforced and social distancing not required. Following that rally, Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt tested positive for coronavirus, and GOP businessman Herman Cain died of the disease, although it is not definitive that they contracted it at the rally.

"He's not actually looking out for you," said Troye. "He's not looking out for these people. He's not looking out for them. He just wants you in that audience so he can have the camera shot of, you know, his fanfare and the people around him. But the truth is, he's putting those lives at risk.”

Troye, who had been highly respected within the White House, made waves last week by appearing in an ad endorsing Joe Biden for president, and attacking Trump's fitness for office.