'He doesn't care': Michigan epidemiologist rips Trump for endangering lives with mask-free rally

President Donald Trump on Thursday held a rally at a Michigan airport hangar where very few attendees bothered wearing face masks.

Dr. Abdul El-Sayed, an epidemiologist based in Michigan, told CNN on Friday that the president was putting his own supporters' lives in danger by having them all crowd together in a tight space without wearing masks during a pandemic that so far has killed 190,000 Americans.

"He doesn't care," said El-Sayed. "I live in Michigan and I know that our state is that much less safe because of all of the potential case transmission that happened in a packed airport hangar that did not have to happen because this person cares more about his presidential campaign than our public health."

The doctor went on to say that he was tired of watching the president constantly show a disregard for human life.

"It's deeply frustrating to watch him to consistently disregard the information he now knows and understands," he said. "And so this is part of a broader pattern of lying about this pandemic and politicizing this pandemic in ways that made it harder for public health professionals all over this country to take this on. It is deeply frustrating and extremely cynical."

Watch the video below.