List of actions to undo Trump's initiatives prepared by New York AG should Biden win
(AFP/File / Brendan Smialowski)

New York's attorney general is working up a list of legal actions against President Donald Trump if Joe Biden is elected next week.

Attorney General Letitia James and her deputies are preparing suggestions for a Biden administration to reverse Trump initiatives, and she and her colleagues in other states are also reviewing possible legal actions to take if election results are contested, reported NBC News.

"We'll have a team of individuals, again, working on reversing all of the bad regulations and laws that have been put forth," James said. "We will work with the Biden administration to ask them to file stays in a number of cases that are pending in the courts all across this country."

James has fought the Trump administration on numerous policies -- including environmental regulations, immigration, the census and Postal Service disruption -- and she has targeted the the president's family business and foundation.

"I know Eric Trump has accused me of bias, the NRA have accused me of bias," James said. "A number of elected officials have accused me of bias. Some Republican attorneys general have accused me of political bias. I just put my head down and just go to work."