Trump couldn’t even pretend to care about anyone but himself in final debate: Conservative

President Donald Trump failed his final chance to show voters that he cares about them at all, according to one conservative.

David Frum, the former George W. Bush speechwriter, wrote a new column for The Atlantic showing how the president was unable to win back voters who have drifted away from him since his 2016 election.

"Trump does not do empathy," Frum wrote. "Even Trump supporters know that by now. Some of them may appreciate it. They prefer anger. But those supporters might consider: Trump showed on that stage why he has so often failed at the job of being president."

"He rejected reality (that he’s losing because of COVID-19) in favor of a fantasy (that he’d win if only he could tell more people about these latest allegations from Rudy Giuliani)," Frum added. "He refused to care about what voters care about — and instead insisted that voters care about what he cares about."

Trump was better behaved in this debate than the first, Frum wrote, but he still came across as bizarrely fixated on himself.

"He could never, ever manage even the appearance of care and concern for anybody else," Frum wrote. "Trump erupted in sneering sarcasm when Joe Biden summoned the image of middle-class families at the kitchen table. The very idea of it irked Trump."