Colbert says the reason Trump's inner circle is getting COVID-19 is their lips are too close to his butt
Stephen Colbert (Photo: Screen capture)

So far, a whopping 45 people close to President Donald Trump have now contracted COVID-19, turning Trump's administration into one of the biggest superspreaders in Washington.

"Late Show" host Stephen Colbert noted that the president was supposed to attend the pretend hearing on voter fraud, but he canceled the trip because people close to Rudy Giuliani had tested positive for COVID-19. Trump has already had COVID-19 and should be flush with the antibodies that would normally prevent another re-infection.

"Now, no one knows exactly how the staffers got the virus," said Colbert. "Possibly they caught it from someone in the president's inner circle. But it is possible they got it because it was the will of the monolith! Now, despite the positive test, Giuliani went to Pennsylvania anyway, and during the 'hearing,' the president called Jenna Ellis, one of the other lawyers, and she held him up to the mic."

"I really appreciate being asked to speak, and I'm in the Oval Office right now, and it's very interesting to see what's going on," said Trump.

"I'm not saying the president has given up on the idea of overturning the election, but I will point out he is literally phoning it in," joked Colbert. "Ever since Election Day, the White House has been circulating two things: fake cases of voter fraud and real cases of coronavirus. So far, at least 45 people connected to the White House have contracted the virus. Recent cases include Mark Meadows, Ben Carson, Corey Lewandowski, and Don Jr., all of whom tested positive after attending an election-night watch party in the White House. Obviously, they all should have worn a mask and kept a six-foot distance between their lips and the president's butt."

Watch the video of Colbert's opener below: