‘Disgraceful’ Marco Rubio just gambled away his re-election chances by sucking up to Trump: GOP adviser
Marco Rubio speaks to CNN (screen grab)

During a panel discussion on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" on the Republicans' reluctance to tell Donald Trump to move on and allow the peaceful transition of power to commence, Republican consultant Susan Del Percio stopped the conversation to pay particular attention to Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) calling him "disgraceful."

Speaking with host Joe Scarborough, Del Percio reminded Rubio that his slavish devotion to the president after he was ousted by voters after one term will come back to haunt the Republican from Florida.

Calling the refusal of Republicans to acknowledge President-elect Biden's win over Trump "looney tunes," Del Percio lit into Rubio.

"There's one Republican senator I would like to hold up to task and really deserves some real responsibility in how poorly this is going as far as the rightful transfer of power to the president-elect and that is Marco Rubio," she began. "Marco Rubio is the acting chair of the Senate Intel Committee -- he knows better. He knows what's on the line, you know, he may be trying to get a nod from Donald Trump for 2024, but he has to face the voters in 2022 and he has to explain why he did not ensure that the president-elect was properly prepared not just on our foreign issues overseas but domestically and ensuring that he could tackle the coronavirus."

"Florida, as we know, is a central spot that's going to need a lot of funding and a lot of attention and I just think it's disgraceful as the head of the intel committee he has not sought to at least do bipartisan support to recognize the president-elect, call for the General Service Administration to give him that -- to give him the money so they can operate properly," she continued. "It is a disgrace and again, he deserves special attention. We know what [Senate Majority Leadere] Mitch McConnell is. But this is someone who thinks he can run for president and he shows he does not have the depth or the ability to handle the job. I don't think he has the ability the get re-elected in 2022 with this behavior."

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