Evangelical leaders apologetic -- or defiant -- after incorrectly predicting Trump would win
Evangelicals praying over Trump (Photo: Screen capture)

Some evangelical Christian leaders are apologizing to their flocks for missing their prediction of an election win for President Donald Trump.

A number of church leaders claimed prophetic knowledge that Trump would win another four-year term, but Joe Biden was projected as the winner after mail-in ballots were counted in several key states, reported the Independent.

"I want to sincerely apologize for missing the prophecy about Donald Trump," said Californian pastor Kris Vallotton on his Instagram page. "It doesn't make me a false prophet. I prophesied he would become president four days after he declared his candidacy [in 2015]. And I prophesied Trump would not be impeached [and removed from office]. I'm very sorry to everyone who put their trust in me, there was a major, major mistake,."

However, some church leaders refuse to back down from their predictions.

“The media said Joe Biden is president,” televangelist Kenneth Copeland told his congregation, before breaking into demonic laughter that was joined by his followers.

Others predicted Trump would somehow overcome a deficit in voting and remain in office.

“While we wait until January to determine our next US President, observe the stunning blindness and hypocrisy in the body of Christ… Christians who voted for the shedding of innocent blood, the Equality Act, and anti-Israel legislation (ALL things God HATES) are now picking up stones to persecute prophets who supposedly missed it,” North Carolina pastor Jeremiah Johnson posted on social media.