Expert: Donald Trump’s pathological projection is more abuse on America—and it must be stopped
President Donald Trump speaks to the media after addressing Senate Republicans/Screenshot

Donald Trump is clamoring that the Democrats are stealing the election. He has voiced baseless accusations of voter fraud. But it is actually Trump who is attempting to subvert the election process and to undermine our democracy. This is Trump’s use of projection once again. Over and over again it is this psychic mechanism that Trump uses to manipulate and brainwash his half of America. It is pathological. It is destructive. It is a reflection of how disordered Trump is. And it is more abuse on Americans.

Projection is a primitive and immature mechanism by which a person accuses others of what he or she is actually feeling or doing. It is seen in personality disorders and in frankly psychotic conditions. It is a common mechanism for Donald Trump—it speaks to his severe personality pathology.

Nothing in this election has been rigged or manipulated or twisted by Democrats. But Trump cannot stand the fact that he has lost fair and square. He is embarrassed and humiliated. He may be facing federal and state criminal charges. His legacy will be that of a loser. History will be unkind to him largely because of how his personality pathology has divided Americans and caused extreme chaos and turmoil.

A normal person would concede the election. A normal person would promise a peaceful and orderly transition of power. A normal person would be sad and disappointed but also humble and appreciative of the opportunity to have served the American people. None of that, however, sounds like Donald Trump. Not even remotely.

Rather than deal with reality in a mature and reasonable fashion, Trump is reflexively and instinctually reverting to his victimhood mentality and trying to convince others that he has been aggrieved and mistreated. Pure fiction. Pure fabrication. All intended to persuade his blinded and loyal followers to once again carry his mantle of blather.

When will everyone learn that Donald Trump is a con man, an emperor with no clothes? He is hollow. He does not care a whit about you. He only cares about power and money. He would throw his children under the bus to save face and to make a dime. He only cares about himself—not others or the country.

Trump is willing to tear down democratic institutions and norms to save his butt from humiliation. That just proves how little he cherishes our country. You know why he did not have an agenda for a second term? Because the only agenda he has is of wielding power and making money and staying out of prison.

Trump is a typical psychopath. He has no conscience and no moral compass. He believes any illegal behavior is acceptable as long as you don’t get caught. His corruption and criminality run deep in his veins and in his psyche. And he surrounds himself with family members and associates who share his corrupt leanings and are enablers.

So let’s not get swayed by Trump’s false and distorted projection. He is the one trying to steal the election. He is the one trying to undermine the election process. He is the one determined to hold onto power at any cost because he thinks he is entitled to it.

Let’s stop this psychopath once and for all. Let’s make this his last pathetic and feeble attempt at manipulating and gaslighting us.

Donald Trump needs psychotherapy and perhaps a padded jail cell. The Office of President must be filled by someone with great vision and empathy and character. Unfortunately, we have gone four years without those important qualities.

Trump’s pathological projection is inflicting more abuse on Americans. As we speak. In real time.

That’s reality and that’s the truth. And it must be stopped for the good of the country.

It is time for us to move on. The healing process needs to begin. Our collective mental health and our sense of national unity depend on finally extricating ourselves from this president’s pathology.

Alan D. Blotcky, PhD, is a clinical psychologist in Birmingham, Alabama.