Firing Trump is a 'real victory for this country': Ex-RNC official
Donald Trump via Shutterstock

In a celebratory column for the conservative Bulwark, former Republican National Committee spokesperson Tim Miller applauded the defeat of Donald Trump in Tuesday's election, writing that ending the "malignant force in American politics" that is Trump is a "real victory for this country."

Miller, who is staunch never Trumper, left no doubt about how he feels about the president losing to former Vice President Joe Biden, addressing the president directly and writing, "Donald Trump: You’re F*cking Fired."

As Miller notes, the reasons to boot Trump were numerous, writing, "Donald Trump ran the most cynical and villainous campaign for re-election in modern American history. He indiscriminately violated the law that forbids presidents from using taxpayer resources to campaign. He even held his party’s national political convention on the White House lawn, like a trashy caudillo. He put the lives of untold tens of thousands of Americans at risk to hold the most reckless public gatherings in the entire world amid a global pandemic," before reveling in the fact that, "More people voted against Donald Trump than have ever voted against any president, ever."

"It’s a very real victory for this country," he wrote of Trump's loss. "President Biden will be able to reverse Trump’s grotesquely un-American immigration regime. America will have a trustworthy and competent executive branch managing the pandemic crisis. The new president will restore the rule of law and ensure everyone is treated fairly, no matter their political orientation."

"This, my friends, is what sweet, sweet victory looks like. This is making our country a better place. Americans should take pride in what we just accomplished. We could have succumbed to his madness. Success was by no means pre-ordained," he wrote before concluding, "So even though there is much work to be done, let us all indulge in a joyful sound and let it echo from sea to shining sea. Say it with me. Donald Trump: You are fired. You are fired. You. Are. FIRED."

You can read the whole piece here.