GOP lawmakers 'have no appetite' for defending Trump and are privately 'sick' of him: MSNBC's Kasie Hunt
AFP photo of Mike Pence and Donald Trump.

Appearing on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" on Friday, regular Kasie Hunt said that Republicans lawmakers are hesitant to run out and defend Donald Trump's accusations that he is losing the election due to illegal votes and are privately admitting that they would like to see him gone.

Speaking with host Joe Scarborough, Hunt was asked how the president is currently being viewed by GOP lawmakers and she replied that-- with the exception of a few like Sens. Ted Cruz (TX) and Lindsey Graham (SC) -- they are keeping their distance.

"I heard from one of my good sources, a Republican operative who essentially said there's no message; what are we going to do with this?" she reported. "But you know, I think they're basically all just trying to wait it out, urge calm, say count the votes, hope there's a decisive call here and that everyone can start to move on. Because I don't think there is an appetite broadly among Republicans to blow up our entire system for Donald Trump."

"You know, they have toed the line over and over and over again and we have very carefully documented all of those times here on this show, but this seems to be the place where they're not willing to give," she continued. "They don't want to blow up a system they frankly rely on. They're also elected officials who have to say, 'hey, this vote count elected me, I have legitimacy because the votes are legitimate. Without that none of this works.'"

"They're all privately completely sick of working with President Trump," she added causing host Scarborough to laugh. "I mean, it has been an exhausting four years for everyone in Washington. You know, we talked about this yesterday, you know, they think they could cut some deals with Joe Biden if Republicans control the Senate."

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