Ivanka Trump’s childhood pal reveals what their former friends think of her scathing tell-all
Ivanka Trump - CBS screenshot

Ivanka Trump's childhood friend decided to publicly turn on President Donald Trump's eldest daughter while standing in line to vote.

Journalist Lysandra Ohrstrom had been friends with Ivanka since they met in school as preteens, and she explained to The Daily Beast why she decided to publicly criticize her former friend in an essay published by Vanity Fair.

“I have really been grappling with whether to do this for so long since Trump announced that he was running,” Ohrstrom told Molly Jong-Fast on the Beast's podcast. “I just went home. I sat at my computer and I started writing a long essay about why her dad shouldn't be president, and it was very much pegged to my recollections of growing up with him."

Ohrstrom recalled that the elder Trump commented on her looks as a teen, and that he nicknamed his daughter's friends after popular models at the time, which she found “shocking as a kid.”

“Most dads didn’t make comments about your weight," she said. "Most dads didn't kind of call all of my young friends after different models."

Ohrstrom also commented on a necklace incident from her article, which recounts how she learned Ivanka shared her father's bigotry toward Muslims, and says all of their mutual friends called to thank her for writing the piece.