Jake Tapper stunned after FEC chief vouches for Trump’s conspiracy theorist lawyer
CNN's Jake Tapper (screengrab)

President Donald Trump's campaign team keeps losing in court, but his lawyers are continuing to fan the flames by pushing conspiracy theories about the election, which Joe Biden won.

On Saturday, Trump announced that Sidney Powell would be one of the "wonderful lawyers" on the legal team being spearheaded by Rudy Giuliani.

On Monday, Trey Trainor, the chair of the Federal Election Commission, defended Powell online in a tweet retweeted by the lame-duck president.

"Having practiced law for almost 2 decades as a member of the State Bar of Texas, I’ve never known fellow TX lawyer [Sidney Powell] to be anything but forthright and honest in every case she’s ever taken on. If she says there is rampant voter fraud in #Election2020, I believe her," Trainor wrote.

CNN anchor Jake Tapper appeared shocked by Trainor's tweet.

"The Chairman of the Federal Election Commission attests to the character of the conspiracy theorist who, among other insanities, claimed the Fed worked with [George] Soros to crash the market to hurt Trump," Tapper wrote, including a screengrab of a tweet sent by Powell in 2018.