Judges are 'fed up' with Trump's voter fraud claims as his lawyers get 'themselves into hot water': Ex-prosecutor
Rudy Giuliani during a news conference on November 19, 2020. (Screenshot)

On CNN Saturday, following Donald Trump's Pennsylvania election suit being dismissed in a scathing opinion by a federal judge he had appointed, former federal prosecutor Shan Wu broke down the significance of the latest developments.

"I think this judge was just the latest in a series of judges fed up with the Trump team's weak arguments," said Wu. "I said in a piece back on November 8th on CNN that it was time for the Trump legal team to put up or shut up, and they haven't done either. I mean, judge after judge has rebuked them for not having any actual evidence. Even their claims are inconsistent. You hear the president publicly, Rudy Giuliani, the so-called mastermind, talking about fraud, and yet also Giuliani publicly has said this is not a fraud case. So they're all over the board."

"I don't think they have a legal path," added Wu. "The president's motivations, as has been speculated, may be political or face-saving, but his lawyers are really getting themselves into hot water. These are such weak claims that they could be sanctioned for them for bringing frivolous lawsuits and frankly, they should be. Not only that, some of his lawyers have made very disparaging statements about the courts, calling the Pennsylvania judiciary an 'activist machine.' If I got out in front of the courthouse steps and said that about a case I was in, I would find myself right back in there facing sanctions as well as probably a gag order."

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