Rudy Giuliani shows up at Gettysburg 'voter fraud' event despite exposure to COVID-19
Rudy Giuliani speaks to Channel 4 News (screen grab)

Rudy Giuliani showed up in Pennsylvania for an event despite a coronavirus outbreak in the president's inner circle.

President Donald Trump had been expected to attend the purported "voter fraud" hearing in Gettysburg with his attorney, who has been filing legal challenges to this month's election loss to Joe Biden.

His reported appearance was called off shortly before the event had been scheduled to begin after Boris Epshteyn, another member of Trump's legal team, announced that he had tested positive for COVID-19.

However, Giuliani turned up at the event, despite his contacts with his son Andrew and Epshteyn, both of whom had attended a news conference last week in Washington intended to discredit the results of the election.

He was wearing a mask when he arrived but took it off as soon as he sat down, according to CNN's Jeremy Diamond.