The 'Trump campaign sees the writing on the wall' as it all comes crashing down: columnist

In a biting column for the Daily Beast, Molly Jong-Fast lit up Donald Trump and his family, claiming they are scrambling to remain in power in the final days of the election after seeing the"writing on the wall" that the end of the road has arrived.

Writing, "The world seems like it’s ready to toss Donald Trump and his terrible administration into the dustbin of history," the writer added that there are signs of sweaty desperation emanating from Trump and his children -- Don Jr., Eric and Ivanka -- as they fan out across the country trying to stave off the inevitable while surveying what the future holds for them.

"There is a low whine of panic emanating from Trump, and his terrible surrogates, his children. If you’re quiet you can almost hear it," she wrote. before noting Don Jr's attempt to downplay the coronavirus pandemic when he told Fox News host Laura Ingraham that the death toll from COVID-19 is “almost nothing,” which blew up in the campaign's face.

"While Junior mansplains the pandemic, Ivanka has been having tea parties and trying to convince suburban women that daddy doesn’t want you to die, just everyone else. On Thursday she gave an interview with right-leaning Real Clear Politics where she announced that now she’s 'unapologetically' against abortion rights. Ivanka was a Democrat like four years ago but now she’s remaking herself as Phyllis Schlafly, but one Phyllis Schlafly was enough," she wrote before dryly adding, "That said, I’m continually impressed that Junior and Ivanka seem to be play-acting two very different 1950s stereotypes."

Pointing out that the president has canceled his Election Night party at his D.C. hotel, presumably because he knows he's headed for a loss, the columnist added, "maybe he can see what the state, national and district-level polling is saying, and it’s saying shellacking."

"Maybe years from now, Trump will take a break from selling grills on TV late at night to share with us what he was thinking during that last weekend of high-energy, no coherence campaigning, but for now his thought process is a mystery," she wrote before concluding, "Or we could be at the end of one of the darkest chapters in American life. We don’t know, and we’re about to find out. But it sure seems like Trump and his terrible surrogates are worried. Some might even say triggered."

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