‘The truth won’: Michigan Secretary of State praises certification as Trump rants on Twitter
An angry Donald Trump screams during one of his speeches (Photo: Screen capture)

On Tuesday's edition of CNN's "Cuomo Prime Time," Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson praised the decision of the Wayne County Board of Canvassers to reverse the previous partisan ruling of its two Republican members blocking certification for ballots from the city of Detroit, a move that sparked nationwide outrage.

"It appears that the truth won in this scenario, based on basically, the evidence is clear there were no irregularities, there was no evidence of widespread fraud, and in fact there were simply minor clerical errors, as we were discussing, actually less clerical errors than in past elections," said Benson. "And that really isn't a valid reason in my view, and apparently ultimately the board, to invalidate and silence the voice of voters in the state's largest county."

As Benson spoke, President Donald Trump — who had minutes before erroneously cheered on the denial of certification after it had already been reversed — furiously took to Twitter to rage against the immediate turn of fortune, falsely claiming that Detroit was trying to certify "more votes than people."