Trump is 'flailing around looking for a win' as all of his court cases collapse: NYT's Haberman
President Donald Trump. (AFP Photo)

Appearing on CNN's "Inside Politics" early Sunday morning, New York Times White House correspondent Maggie Haberman claimed that Donald Trump is becoming "increasingly frustrated" at his string of court losses contesting the 2020 presidential election and now he is just "flailing" in the hopes something positive will happen soon.

Speaking with host Dana Bash, Haberman was asked about Trump's week that saw not only court case after court case go down in flames, but also a disastrous press conference held by former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani that has become most memorable for the streams of sweat and hair dye running down the attorney's face.

"He's incredibly frustrated, you can see it in the tweets," Haberman began. "He's had, in the last couple days; a series of court losses, some of them pretty excoriating including yesterday from Pennsylvania. He had his lawyer who asked to lead the effort, Rudy Giuliani, hold a press conference last week, Thursday, that was so calamitous that Giuliani had his hair dye or something running down his face and the president was focussed on that."

Pressed on where he goes next, Haberman admitted that the president is now just scrambling for a win to bolster his spirits.

"The president is flailing around looking for something that he can call a win and delay certifying Michigan would be something you would see him point to regardless if it has an impact," the journalist explained. "He has been seeding disinformation about the election since and before the election took place, so you could see a delay."

"Joe Biden's lead is so much bigger than what Donald Trump's was in the same state in 2016," she added. "Joe Biden has won by the same electoral votes and the president continues to claim that something was taken from him. You are starting to see Republicans break from him, not a ton, and maybe not a ton before the Georgia runoffs in January, but you are starting to see it."

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