Trump lawyers desperately filing suits against Michigan election in Washington, DC financial claims court
Donald Trump -- shown here with new attorney Rudy Giuliani -- had previously denied all knowledge of the payment to Stormy Daniels, before admitting last week that his personal lawyer Michael Cohen struck a "deal" with the porn star on his behalf. (AFP / Don EMMERT)

President Donald Trump's lawyers are now trying another tactic in their lawsuits to win swing states they lost in the 2020 election.

According to court filings, Donald J. Trump for President, INC filed a suit in the US Court of Federal Claims demanding an injunction with the U.S. Government named as the defendant. Texas law professor Steve Vladeck explained on Twitter that the complaint alleges a financial crime against the federal government.

The suit merely challenges the vote-counting in Wayne County, Michigan, which is the Detroit area.

Former federal prosecutor Joyce Vance called it "a whole new level of low in Trump-world lawyering." She noted that it's saying a lot given what Americans have seen from Trump adviser Rudy Giuliani.

Trump has begged his supporters to support the legal effort with contributions, but much of the money is reportedly going to retire Trump's debt.

Trump's lawyer claimed that it was an accident and "Pacer misfiled this case."

Former federal prosecutor Renato Mariotti disputed the claim, saying that PACER "doesn’t choose what court a case is filed in. The lawyer does."

Read the full legal filing uploaded to Just Security's site.