Trump-loving ‘jerks’ should be arrested for their dangerous highway harassment: Morning Joe
Joe Scarborough (MSNBC)

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough ripped President Donald Trump's supporters who blocked highways and allegedly tried to run a Joe Biden campaign bus off the road over the weekend.

The "Morning Joe" host said those "Trump train" participants should be prosecuted for their dangerous actions, and he called out Republicans who tolerate that behavior from the president's fans.

"That's a good way to win votes, isn't it?" Scarborough said. "You know what, I almost used a word on the air that I can't use here. But to be such jerks, to be so inconsiderate as to actually block -- you know, you have done it, I have done it, a lot of us have done it, where we're trying to take our kids to basketball games or we're trying to take our kids to friend's houses for, you know, birthday parties or we're trying to get our parents somewhere, these jerks decided to block traffic and make a point by blocking traffic? Like, they should be arrested. Every one of them should be arrested."

Co-host Willie Geist agreed, and said their tantrum served no greater purpose.

"Who are you persuading by doing that exactly?" Geist said. "I mean, not persuading anybody. It's a symbolic middle finger with flags and, God forbid, the ambulance trying to get through."

Scarborough said the president's Republican allies are just as responsible as Trump for this abusive behavior.

"Traffic is bad enough in New York and New Jersey and Connecticut, and these jackals decide they're going to make traffic worse," Scarborough said. "They're going to make people's lives more miserable. What are they proving?"

"Look what Donald Trump has made you," he continued. "He has made you what you have hated your entire life. He has made you what you have criticized your entire life. You have become despicable in stopping parents from taking their kids where they need to go, stopping people from taking their parents, maybe, to the hospital. Maybe there's an emergency because you were trying to make a point. This thing in Texas, I want you to see this car getting shoved out of the way. Republicans, is this what you want?"

"Is that what you want politics to look like?" Scarborough added. "Because, if not, you need to get out and stop being the weakling that you are and criticize Donald Trump because this is what he wants the future of American politics to look like."