Trump wants to 'burn it all down and poison the wells' as he leaves the Oval Office: CNN host
Photo: AFP

Reacting to Donald Trump's desperate attempts to overturn the 2020 presidential election results that may have reached its nadir as a sweating Rudy Giuliani held court during a press conference on Thursday, CNN's Kate Bolduan stated that is has become more than apparent that the president wants to leave a swath of destruction behind him as he prepares to leave Washington D.C.

Reviewing the events of the past two days, the CNN host asserted the president has no regard for his job or serving the country.

"It's no longer a whisper, it's now being shouted from the rooftops," she began. "President Trump is trying to overturn the election even as results are recounted and reconfirmed. He doesn't care. Today he is taking his fight a step that is so out of bounds it's hard to know where we go from here; hosting at the White House, Republican lawmakers from Michigan. the very same lawmakers that are in charge of taking that final step of appointing presidential electors... so stand by to find out what comes of that."

"After fighting and losing in courtrooms across the country, the president's new legal strategy seems to be burn it all down and poison the wells," she added. "Sending out Rudy Giuliani to make a public case for their legal long shots -- but it was really just bizarre and not founded in reality -- ven blaming voter fraud at one point on [Venezuela's] Hugo Chavez, who's been dead for seven years."

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