'Trump's spawn' are cranking out election conspiracy tweets like someone 'having an LSD trip': CNN's Tapper
Donald Trump, Jr with Marjorie Taylor Greene and Eric Trump (Facebook)

During a panel discussion on all the conspiracy rumors Donald Trump and his advocates are making about election fraud, CNN's Jake Tapper pointed out that "Trump's spawn" -- presumably Don Jr and Eric -- are likely the worst and that they wouldn't pass muster on Fox News.

Speaking with co-hosts Dana Bash and Abby Phillip, the CNN host said their tweets looked like the "Crayoned" ravings of someone on drugs.

Following a discussion about Sen. Mitt Romney (R - UT) making a statement harshly criticizing the president after Thursday's comment by the Utah senator that Tapper called "mealy-mouthed," the conversation turned to conspiracy-minded tweets that are coming from the Trump team.

According to CNN's Phillip, "...there is no evidence of fraud at all," despite what is coming from the Trump administration.

"And it is worse when you watch Fox News where many of the president's advisers, supporters, campaign aides go on television, speaking to the president's supporters every day, reinforcing falsehoods, frankly fake manipulated videos on social media, these are all things that are corrosive to democracy and not enough republicans are being specific about what the problem is," she continued.

"If you're upset about what you see on Fox, and you have every right to be, check out the Twitter feed of the president's spawn because it is like rantings in Crayon by somebody having an LSD trip," Tapper suggested. "These are claims that are so wild that they wouldn't even make it -- forget Fox -- they wouldn't make it to Fox Business where, you know, all sorts of facts go to die."

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