WATCH: LGBTQ protesters disrupt Tiffany Trump speech at Pittsburgh 'Trump Pride' rally
Tiffany Trump/unidentified protester -- Twitter screenshots

In a video posted to Twitter and reported on by Queerty, an LGBTQ activist interrupted Donald Trump's daughter from his second marriage as she attempted to tell the small Pittsburgh gathering that her father is a big supporter of the gay community.

With former Trump administration official Richard Grenell posting a tweet lauding the "great crowd," Twitter user @savkucy420 posted an alternative video that showed the skirmish as Tiffany Trump was speaking and then interrupted by the unidentified activist pointing out the Trump administration's poor record on LGBTQ rights.

His comments were quickly drowned out by chants of "Four more years" as security grabbed him and hustled him out of the room.

As the pro-Trump crowd began a new chant, repeating "Trump, Trump, Trump," over and over again, other protesters began a new chant aimed at Grenell and Tiffany Trump, telling them, “Just because you suck c*ck doesn’t mean you’re not a bigot,” before also being ejected.

You can see the videos below: