Bill Barr's sudden departure is a ‘mystery wrapped inside a riddle’: CNN’s Jake Tapper
William Barr (C-SPAN)

On CNN Thursday, Jake Tapper deconstructed the possible significance of Attorney General William Barr's sudden resignation notice.

"The question remains, why couldn't he stay a few more days and wrap it up like any normal attorney general would do?" asked anchor Wolf Blitzer. "Why decide to leave a few weeks early?"

"It's a mystery wrapped inside a riddle," said Tapper. "One of the things to point out, this letter was released by President Trump just minutes after the Electoral College declared that Joe Biden, the president-elect, secured enough electoral votes ... I get that President Trump doesn't like doesn't like it when the spotlight is not on him. And to a lesser extent, a conservative congressman disassociating himself with the party, Paul Mitchell, because of all these extreme frenzied and baseless claims. But here we go. The end of a professional relationship that has ceased to do either man any more good."

Watch below: