CNN reporter calls out Trump staff for scoring COVID vaccine while spreading the virus at holiday parties
Donald Trump and staff on Air Force One (Photo: Official White House photo)

The White House scheduled a total of 25 indoor holiday parties despite the coronavirus pandemic. It comes at a time when Americans aren't able to see their families and loved ones, but President Donald Trump's administration is still being given the COVID-19 vaccine before other Americans.

CNN's White House correspondent Boris Sanchez explained Sunday that in the next few days, those closest to the president will be given the vaccine first.

"Something that has happened frequently in the past few months dating back to the spring and perhaps culminating in that superspreader Rose Garden event for Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett where it's believed that the president himself caught coronavirus," said Sanchez. "Important to put this in context -- the idea that this administration, a president who has downplayed the severity of this virus, where superiors have told their staffers to not wear masks because the president doesn't like the optics of it, and an administration that continues holding holiday-themed parties with hundreds of people in close quarters, no social distancing, very few if any masks. These officials are going to be among the very first Americans receiving the COVID vaccine at a time when there are millions of high-risk Americans that would badly need it."

Trump also has a team of more than 50 associates who already caught the virus.

"It's a scarce vaccine," Sanchez explained. Trump was offered more doses of the vaccine beyond the 100 million order, but he said he wasn't interested. "There are only a very select number of health officials, health experts that are receiving this vaccine at this moment."

Dr. Sanjay Gupta said that the vaccine comes at a strange time in the timeline of the virus.

"It comes at a time when we're seeing so much -- so many new cases and so many new hospitalizations and people dying," he said before quoting Charles Dicken. "So, it feels like the best of times, the worst of times, the age of wisdom, the age of foolishness, all of this. It's like whiplash."

It's unclear how many people came in contact with COVID-19 at Trump's holiday parties, and it won't be known the degree to which those events were spreader events until the final few days of 2020.

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