'History-making loser' Trump brutally mocked for his 'doomed crusade' by veteran Canadian journalist
President Donald Trump (Screen cap).

Veteran Canadian journalist Alexander Panetta this week cast a merciless gaze at President Donald Trump's spectacularly failed bid to reverse the 2020 presidential election, and he declared the outgoing president to be a "history-making loser."

In a column posted on CBC News, Panetta mocked Trump's "doomed crusade" to overturn the results of the election, which saw him and his allies lose a whopping 59 of 60 election-related court cases filed in the aftermath of the November 3rd vote.

"Not in a century and a half, since the post-Civil War era, has a defeated presidential candidate continued to challenge the results past those electoral college meetings," wrote Panetta. "That's where Trump now finds himself. He has persisted in peddling the idea he can still win even after losing Monday in the formal electoral votes."

Alexander Keyssar, a professor at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government, told Panetta that Trump's "very unusual" campaign to continue challenging the election even after the electoral college has voted is "off the charts."

Panetta then pointed out that Trump allies are still not done fighting the election results and are vowing "a final showdown" that would come "when members of Congress meet... to complete the final step in the selection of the president" on January 6th.

However, Panetta has spoken with "several election experts who dismissed Trump's alternate slate gambit as futile."