Mar-A-Lago neighbor claims microwave security fence causing brain injuries
President Donald Trump during a joint press conference with Japanese President Shinzo Abe at Mar-a-Lago on 4/18/18. Image via screengrab.

One of President Donald Trump's neighbors in Florida claims his security system is hurting her brain.

The bizarre claim was made in a letter sent this week to town officials in Palm Beach and the U.S. Secret Service stating their opposition to Trump living at Mar-A-Lago full time and reminding the president of a decades-old agreement he made that prohibits him from doing so, reported The Daily Mail.

"The security concerns remain of paramount importance, including issues associated with a microwave fence which is known to cause permanent brain trauma and other debilitating injuries," wrote attorney Reginald Stambaugh in the Dec. 15 letter. "My client exhibits symptoms of exposure."

Stambaugh didn't name his client, but a Washington Post report indicated the neighbor was 82-year-old Nancy DeMoss, whose property borders Mar-A-Lago to the northwest.

DeMoss has headed her family's philanthropic foundation since the death of her husband, insurance magnate Arthur DeMoss, in 1979, and is known for hosting events for Christian speakers at her $34 million home.

Microwave detection systems flood protected areas with an electronic field that generates an alarm when any motion is detected.