Pro-Trump lawyer bristles when confronted with ‘Kraken’ lawsuit errors: ‘Humans make mistakes’
Sidney Powell appears on Fox Business (Screen cap).

Sidney Powell bristled when confronted with the copious mistakes in her already infamous "Kraken" lawsuit.

The former attorney for President Donald Trump's campaign was dumped after tossing out wild conspiracy theories to explain his election loss to Joe Biden, but she remains committed to undoing the results with a wide-ranging and error-riddled lawsuit she compared to a mythical sea monster, reported Politico.

"Humans make mistakes," Powell said, when questioned about the misspellings and other errors. "We're human beings. We will correct them as needed and appropriate. Wish we had you working 22 hours a day like our little team is to help proofread and get it all right.”

She dismissed the mistakes as "typos" that could be easily corrected.

“It does not change the substance of the claims or the evidence,” Powell said. “Perhaps you all should consider focusing on the evidence and facts instead of typos.”

However, clumsy typing doesn't explain away two plaintiffs who say they had not agreed to take part in the lawsuit, or including evidence of fraud from a county that doesn't exist in Michigan -- or anywhere else in the United States.

The suit also mixes up results from Michigan and Minnesota to allege fraud, and locates vote-counting facilities in the wrong states, as well.