‘Remember Kathy Griffin?’ The View’s Whoopi Goldberg calls out GOP double standard on death threats
Whoopi Goldberg (ABC)

"The View" host Whoopi Goldberg wondered if she was losing her mind over Republicans shrugging their shoulders at death threats against election officials as President Donald Trump tries to overturn his loss.

An attorney for the Trump campaign called for Chris Krebs, a former cybersecurity official who was fired for declaring the election to be secure, to be drawn, quartered and shot because he disagreed with claims about voter fraud, and election officials in Georgia have also faced death threats from the president's supporters.

"It should be from [Trump] in front of a camera saying, 'We don't do that,'" Goldberg said. "But, you know, what's crazy, it appears that every time someone says something he doesn't like, they're fake, they're this. He's doing this to people in his own party who have no reason to help Democrats win. They're doing their job, and yet he's calling for this."

"Now this is a whole new place in my mind that he's taken us, because if any of us had said anything like that about him, you know, people would have been all over us," Goldberg added. "It would have been all over us."

She pointed to comedian Kathy Griffin, whose job bookings dried up after she posed for a photo with a prop that looked like Trump's severed head.

"Do you remember what happened to Kathy Griffin?" Goldberg said. "Remember what happened to Kathy Griffin? She lost her career."