Rudy Giuliani keeps filing 'slapstick lawsuits' to stay one step ahead of investigators: Ex-prosecutor
Rudy Giuliani during a news conference on November 19, 2020. (vasilis asvestas /

Rudy Giuliani's public debasement and zeal for overturning democracy can be easily explained, according to a former federal prosecutor who once served under him.

The former New York City mayor and U.S. Attorney appears to have recently learned that he's under investigation, and he's stalling that probe by perpetuating a myth that the election still isn't over, argued Kenneth McCallion in a new column for The Daily Beast.

"Giuliani, then, may be cynically enabling Trump’s post-election hysteria with his slapstick lawsuits and show hearings because he knows FBI agents aren’t going to jump on stage to handcuff him while the cameras are still on him," McCallion argued. "It’s hard to believe that he is so addled as a lawyer and political operative that he actually believes the wild conspiracy theories about a 'rigged election' and 'massive voter fraud' that he is promoting. No, those are a means to an end."

President Donald Trump's personal attorney denied that he discussed a pre-emptive pardon with his client, but McCallion said Giuliani's recent actions suggest that his own attorneys have learned that investigators are moving against him now that the "blackout" period leading up to the election has ended.

"The law of unintended consequences may be at work here, and Giuliani could now be considered too toxic to be eligible for a presidential preemptive pardon," McCallion wrote.

"Giuliani’s campaign to overturn the election results has imploded spectacularly, and semi-serious discussions of voting irregularities have degenerated into a farcical spectacle more worthy of a theater of the absurd than a serious court of law," he added. "So while Giuliani may have proved himself to be a loyal Trump stalwart, the abject failure of his post-election campaign may have doomed his chances of a pardon, as both Trump and Giuliani have each been marked as a Loser, a label that has always terrified Trump."