Sidney Powell says that the certification of voting machines was undated — but she cropped out the date
Sidney Powell with Rudy Giuliani at elections press conference (Photo: Screen capture)

President Donald Trump's former lawyer Sidney Powell has struck again. Another of her legal filings neglected the proper research to justify the allegations.

In a suit she filed in Michigan Monday, Powell cited "more than 100 percent of the votes" that she said President-elect Joe Biden got in Edison County, Michigan. Someone can't get more than 100 percent of the vote. Also, there's no Edison County in Michigan.

Now, Powell is being mocked for a filing in Georgia in which she alleges that the certification by the state to use Dominion Voting Systems wasn't dated. As it turns out, the date was simply cut off and Powell didn't look to confirm her allegation.

As Reuters reporter Brad Heath pointed out, the filing shows one version of the document while the online documents show another. Heath, who's been following the filings closely, explained that it isn't the top 10 worst things in the Powell filing, but it certainly isn't a good look.

While Powell is no longer on the Trump legal team, Trump has tweeted his approval for her work and her lawsuits.