‘Simply not true’: Fox News reporter fact-checks Trump’s latest election ‘fraud’ conspiracy theory
Griff Jenkins (Fox News)

A Fox News reporter debunked President Donald Trump's latest conspiracy theory intended to overturn his election loss in Georgia.

Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani claims to have new video evidence of Fulton County election workers illegally counting ballots after Republican observers left State Farm Arena, which he argues should be enough to throw out the state's mail-in ballots -- but Fox News reporter Griff Jenkins disputed those allegations.

"Here they produced what they allege is new evidence of surveillance camera video showing Fulton County election workers, you see here, illegally counting ballots with no supervisors present, affecting potentially 24,000 ballots," Jenkins said.

However, election officials say they've investigated that same video and found nothing improper or unusual was shown.

"I just got off the phone with a senior source in the Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger's office, a Republican, who tells me that they had a designated observer at that spot all night, the entire time, and they've seen this video and are familiar with the claims," Jenkins said, "and they said that they're simply not true, the suggestion that Georgia vote counters were sent home and ballots were brought in suitcases, also not true, and that what appears is reported as suitcases are actually the normal containers that ballots are put in. That is not unusual."