Texas GOPer Crenshaw falls flat on his face trying to explain his support for throwing out other state's votes
Dan Crenshaw speaking with attendees at the 2018 Student Action Summit hosted by Turning Point USA at the Palm Beach County Convention Center in West Palm Beach, Florida. (Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) took to Twitter on Friday morning to attempt to explain why he signed onto an amicus brief backing a lawsuit filed in Texas asking the Supreme Court to overturn the results of the election in the states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Georgia.

It did not go well.  At all.

With Crenshaw and 106 other Republicans who signed on being called "seditious" and accused of treason by MSNBC's Joe Scarborough on Friday morning, Crenshaw went into damage control in an attempt to rationalize his actions -- with many commenters pointing out that he completely missed the point of the lawsuit.

According to the lawmaker notable for his squabbling with critics, "The left-wing outrage is predictably over the top. The request here is simple: allow this case to be elevated to the Supreme Court, and let the Supreme Court make a determination. All cases should be heard, all investigations should be thorough. It is that simple."

He then provided his reasoning, by writing, "My personal hope is that drawing additional attention to it forces states to clean up their act, and adopt far better and more secure systems going forward that will garner the kind of faith in our elections our nation so desperately needs" which led one commenter, MSNBC's Chris Hayes, to ask, "Texas was one of those states, why didn't he sue Texas? Also North Carolina, why not sue North Carolina?"

Then it was on as commenters deluged him with criticism for trying to explain away an action that could haunt him for the rest of his career -- as you can see below: