The 'Million MAGA March' is already collapsing into bitter internal feuds and accusations of theft: report
Participants in the Million MAGA March in support of President Trump and his futile effort to overturn the 2020 election. (Phil Pasquini /

The coalition of Trump supporters behind the "Million MAGA March" last month is already collapsing amid bitter internal feuds, according to a new report from The Daily Beast's Will Sommer.

According to Sommer, the major feud has been between Trump-loving right-wing operative Ali Alexander and Women for America First, the Trump-supporting organization that actually organized the Million MAGA March.

Alexander and InfoWars conspiracy theorist Alex Jones have accused Women for America First of "hijacking" the march and falsely trying to take credit for it, despite the fact that they were the organization who did the work to secure the permit allowing it to take place.

"Jones accused Women for America First of a cardinal sin in the Trump universe: alienating Donald Trump," writes Sommer. "While Trump did an early-morning drive-through of the event while on his way to a golf course, Jones claimed, without offering evidence, that the president had originally planned to make a longer appearance at the march but changed his plans after finding out [Women for America First founder Amy] Kremer was the organizer."

Alexander also recently ranted about "hillbillies" stealing his ideas during a protest of the 2020 election certification in Georgia's state capitol building.

Things have gotten so heated that convicted felon and Trump confidant Roger Stone recently wrote a blog post in which he urged Million MAGA March organizers to stop the infighting and stay focused on overturning the 2020 election.

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