The View’s Ana Navarro drops the hammer on election challenge: ‘One more Trump fraud’
Ana Navarro (ABC)

"The View" co-host Ana Navarro called out President Donald Trump's efforts to undermine U.S. democracy as just another "grift."

The president's efforts to overturn his election loss to Joe Biden have set Republicans against each other in Georgia, where both Senate seats -- and the GOP majority -- remain up for grabs in a Jan. 5 runoff.

"When your enemy is shooting themselves, don't get in the way," Navarro said. "Look, if I were [Sen. Kelly] Loeffler or [Sen. David] Perdue, frankly, I would draw the curtains, bolt the doors, shut off the lights and ask somebody to wake me up when he's gone."

The president is scheduled to rally for the pair of GOP senators Saturday, but Georgia Republicans are anxious about what he'll do and say at the event.

"That would be very nerve-wracking because this is all about Trump," Navarro said. "This is really, you know, less about going there to support the candidates, and it's a debacle. You've got Republican self-appointed surrogates of Trump showing up in Georgia saying, don't vote because look at what Republicans in Georgia are doing. You've got Trump attacking the Republican governor, Brian Kemp, of Georgia. You've got Trump attacking the election officials who are receiving death threats, who have begged for this to stop because people's lives are in danger, because people could get hurt, and then in the midst of all this, you've got Trump and the RNC announcing today they have raised over $200 million since the election was over."

Navarro called the situation a scam.

"This is a grift," she said. "This is Donald Trump doing what Donald Trump always does, figuring out how to fleece gullible people and line his pockets. He did it with the foundation, he did it with Trump University."

"This is one for Trump fraud, okay?" Navarro added. "People are feeding his coffers. This is what it is, about his ego and his pocket."