Trump knows it’s over — but he’s holed up in his ‘presidential man cave’ and refusing to make future plans
(Official White House Photo by Joyce N. Boghosian)

President Donald Trump knows his days in the White House are numbered, according to several sources, but he refuses to discuss what he'll do after leaving.

Several individuals familiar with the situation told Reuters the president spends hours a day in the "presidential man cave," as one former White House official called it, in the Oval Office scheming to undo his election loss.

“He wants no conversation about what he’s going to do when he leaves the building,” said a source close to Trump. “He’s convinced he’s leaving, but he compartmentalizes things. As long as he’s the president, he wants to be the president.”

Trump stays in the Oval Office some days until 8 p.m., speaking endlessly to attorney Rudy Giuliani and the "a rag-tag collection of lawyers that has kept the torch lit," the former White House official said.

Melania Trump has already started looking for schools in Florida, where the couple is expected to move after leaving Washington, D.C., but the president insists Joe Biden's election win was fraudulent and frequently points out that his own 74 million-vote total is 9 million more than Barack Obama got in his 2012 re-election.

A source close to Trump said he has considered announcing a 2024 campaign on Inauguration Day to draw attention away from Biden, but that source and another said he's holding off on doing it because it may encourage Democrats to investigate him after he leaves office.

“If you want to lessen the chances of there being congressional investigations into 2021 and 2022, the best thing he can do for himself would be to stop these trial balloons,” said a former White House official.